Android Launcher 3 Build from Eclipse (From 4.4.2 Source)


Work done


Do it yourself

  1. Use Git to pull down the latest Launcher 3 source:

    git clone

  2. Import existing code into Eclipse (Android Project from Existing Code)
  3. Change the project build target to API level 19
  4. Add Android support libraries
  5. Build protocol buffers JAR from AOSP source. You will actually need to build the protoc binary as well. You need to know how to use ‘make’ have gcc available for the protoc binary, and Maven for the JAR:…l/protobuf.git
  6. Use protoc binary built from step above to generate the file:

    protoc –javanano_out=src/ -I protos protos/backup.proto

  7. Rename the Android package (Android Tools->Rename Application Package) to one of your choice
  8. Add min SDK in a new ‘uses-sdk’ element in AndroidManifest.xml (works down to API level 17 without too many complaints in Lint, obviously stick to 19 to play it safe).
  9. Clean and run. BIND APP WIDGETS error can be ignored


Fabio Lo Brutto: