LinkedIn – Beyond the ‘All-Star’ Profile


Sharing a few outstanding tips after a recent learning session on LinkedIn, beyond getting your profile strength to ‘All-Star’ and actually making it count:

  1. Differentiate the headline beyond a job title
  2. Notify your contacts trigger to ‘No’ when making many changes to the profile until you need to let others know
  3. Customize all communications to others as much as possible: connections, messages, recommendations
  4. Thank people for connecting with you
  5. Summary section has a 2000 character limit, which would be effectively used and put key strengths and career highlights. Sample structure as follows:
    • credibility – past experience
    • story – with why you do what you do
    • value proposition – where you make a difference
    • call to action – do you want to be contacted?
    • success – list of accomplishments