Windows Activation Admin Commands


Some useful notes for administration of for use with Windows 7/8/10 activation.


Retrieve Windows 7/8/10 key:

ShowKeyPlus releases as discusssed on TenForums


Needs to be executed with administrative rights

Show current Windows version


Get licensing status and activation ID:

slmgr.vbs /dlv

Activate license and product key against Microsoft server:

slmgr.vbs /ato

Install a new valid key, where Xs represent a Windows key:


Bring up the change product key prompt to change Windows edition or input a new key:

slui 3

Bring up the phone activation prompt:

slui 4

Additional Notes

In-Place Upgrade for Non-Activated Windows Installs

Windows 10 10586 build does not seem to allow for in-place upgrade of non-activated Windows 7 installs without forcing the user to enter another valid key, but Windows 10 10240 works.

Feature Upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Pro without Reinstalling Windows

When moving from Windows 10 Home to Pro edition, it is enough to use the product key change command ‘slui 3’, to change the product key to a Pro edition key to do an upgrade if you have a key available. It is not required to do a full reinstall, nor it is necessary to have to download any installation images of Windows 10. Once the feature upgrade to Windows 10 Pro edition has completed, use the ‘slui 3’ command again but with a genuine Windows key and proceed with normal activation. To prevent failed activation of the generic key, disconnect from the internet before a the genuine Windows key is entered.